Medical Pharmacies Group
Pickering, Ontario
Fund Ⅱ - unrealized
Inv. Date:
January 2011

Medical Pharmacies Group is the recognized Canadian leader in providing pharmaceutical care to residents in long-term care, retirement homes and complex continuing care facilities. 

Medical Pharmacies’ Specialty Pharmacy Services include the provision of compounded intravenous therapies and other specialized drug therapies such as biologics and biosimilars. Its Ontario Medical Supply division provides healthcare products and services including IV therapy, seating and mobility, lifting and transfer equipment; negative pressure wound therapy, home infusion, palliative care, education and in-home services.

Key Investment Attributes:
  • Prescriptions dispensed are expected to continue to experience natural growth of 2% to 3%, annually.
  • Industry likely to consolidate and this is the ideal platform to build by combining with one or more competitors.
  • Attractive to potential buyers as one of few scale, investable health care companies in Canada.
  • Opportunity to grow the business beyond the Province of Ontario for both offensive and defensive purposes.
  • Opportunity to structure the investment to protect against possible changes to government reimbursement plans.