Homewood Corporation
Guelph, Ontario
Fund Ⅱ - realized

The Homewood Health Centre was one of the largest mental health and addiction facilities in Canada and was unique in Canadian healthcare, serving as a specialized provincial and national resource as well as providing essential regional services for residents of southwestern Ontario. As one of the very few private hospitals in Ontario, it was a fully accredited facility that achieved the highest standards of care and was a recipient of numerous national awards. 

Key Investment Attributes:
  • Massive imbalance between demand for and supply of mental health treatment and facilities.
  • Opportunity for expansion on Homewood site or expansion at a new Toronto facility.
  • Undervalued investment in a 50/50 joint venture with a nursing home operator.
  • Private hospital licences in Ontario were extremely valuable.
  • High need for Canadian corporations to treat employee base for mental health and addiction issues, for which Homewood could bill beyond its provincial government reimbursement.