Building market leaders

The strategy of Clearspring Capital Partners is to help mid-market Canadian companies become even more successful.  We are one of Canada's leading private equity firms, with a focus on helping mid-market companies grow to be leaders in their industries.

Clearspring’s combination of consulting, operating and private equity experience is unique in the Canadian mid market and makes us ideal partners for management teams and owners looking to grow their businesses to the next level of success.

Our view is that companies will be bought and sold at market prices and the key is the shareholder value created while we are partners in a firm. Financial engineering on its own will never build great companies. We work with management to develop a data-driven, focused and actionable plan to dramatically impact the company's trajectory and share both the risks and rewards with them.

We have achieved a gross return of over 30% in our realized investments to date. We have realized, together with our partners, more than a 20% IRR in nine of our twelve realized investments, and in these companies EBITDA has grown nearly 25% annually during our investment period.

We build market leaders in correctly-defined markets - companies that are focused on the right priorities and led by talented and motivated executives and succeed in their markets long after our involvement.